Real World Ember

Real World Ember

How does EmberJS get used in the real world? Jeffrey Biles interviews talented (but not necessarily famous) Ember developers from all over the world, sharing with you their challenges, passions, and triumphs.

Season 1 released February 2016.

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    Test Or Catch Fire: Chris Bonser at Khorus

    We discuss transitioning from Rails to Ember, how Khorus is improving transparency and communication within teams, and how testing is used when failure states including catching on fire.

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    Ember Bootcamp- Steve Kinney at Turing School

    We talk Ember on the desktop, the world debut of Turing School's Javascript curriculum, React vs Ember (they teach both), how to train hordes of highly skilled devs in a brutal 7-month program, and how famous is too famous for Real World Ember.

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    Ember Dreams: Michael Swanson at SkillsEngine

    We talk matching skills with education and careers, our favorite Ember features and addons, the tension between increasing efficiency and reducing your bus number, learning Ember in the run up to 2.0, and why tai chi desks are the way of the future.